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Our Team

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With more than 60 people of diversified experience the team actually comes together as ONE under the aegis of Media Max. The company's onus on building its intellectual capital and recognition of its team as the genesis of real value-addition, each member of the team thus in turn serves as a pivotal contributor in their own right and compliments one another with their respective skills set and talent.

The Media Max team members are trained with a strong comprehension of media marketing procedures, formal policies, research and development, systems and control to produce most effective and optimum results, Each one at the company works with envious zeal and dedication to ensure that its business partners are not only updated of current market pulse but they remain ahead in media options and opportunities 24/7.

The Core Team

Abdullah Kadwani

With a glamorous start as a model, Abdullah savored the taste of stardom that reached its zenith when he moved on to take acting assignments in some of the most memorable drama serials in Pakistani television industry. His quest for excellence did not stop at that and soon he had ventured in to not only productions but the industry saw in him the making of a director as well. Media and its pulse at the beck and call of this young man allowed him enough fuel of passion to seek a more challenging position as he diversified both as a personality and as a professional in the ever evolving and dynamic field of Event management and Broadcast marketing.

Abdullah brings with him an unsurpassed experience of more than 18 years in the field of television industry in Pakistan. His acumen has led him to create milestones, new channels, programming and ideas that have also earned him a reputation of a man of commitment and performance. He remains the only individual in the industry to have experienced 360 degrees of this trade winning him accolades and awards in recognition of the same. Today, he continues to do so with a proven track record of quality, performance, integrity and innovation.

As the founding CEO of Media Max and as part of ARY’s core team, Abdullah had played a vital role in launching ‘ARY Digital’, Pakistan’s first global C&S channel. His road to success did not stop at this as he launched his vision of a company that truly believes in relationship as a binding force in the form of Media Max.

Asad Qureshi
Director Operations

A key player not only in Media Max’s success story but also in the Pakistan media marketing industry for over 13-years. Asad is known for his attention to details and outside-the-box innovative idea generation for optimization of business partner exposure. After his business graduation he started his career with teleworld marketing (Engaged in marketing of Pakistan Television Corporation) after which he shifted to Prestige, an affiliate of Grey Worldwide as part of the media planning & buying department. Quickly he saw the true potential in the satellite industry and shifted to Indus TV Network. With a brief stay with the Indus TV network he moved on to become part of Media Max’s team. Since, Asad has seen the business from different perspectives; this enables him to lead the channel to success growing the business to a dominant market share. At Media Max, Asad works on continuing the development of Media Max’s already strong base in Pakistan, and focuses on providing marketing and sales driven strategies to business partner.

Abdur Rehman

A business graduate from the University of Leicester in MBA (Marketing) and with a bachelor‘s degree from University of East London, Abdul is the latest entrant to Media Max senior management team. Abdul brings with him a diverse experience and espouse as he has worked with multi-nationals such as British Gas, Reeds plc and Agfa Geavert. Abdul retuned back to Pakistan in 2004 and joined Media Max as a Manager strategy, directing Max’s business in conjunction with the senior management to achieve greater heights. He has a sharp acumen in eying prospects and developing business opportunities, which has been the vital ingredient in creating a continuous edge for Media Max. With both communication planning and direct business partner interaction espouse, Abdul has been the back bone in driving the business activities of Media Max to growth. Currently in the capacity of a Director he is heading the internal operations and dedicated to refining the business processes of the organization.

Ali Shaur Awan
Sr. GM Sales & Marketing - North

Ali Shaur Awan began his career in sales and marketing over 18 years ago after completing his business education with majors in marketing and advertising. He started his career with the then leading terrestrial channel, Network Television Marketing as a Marketing Executive. His blazing career in sales and marketing also includes his stint with Prime TV, where he was managing the sales team of Lahore.

In Jan 2003, he was offered an opportunity to work for Media Max Pvt. Ltd as the Sr. GM Sales & Marketing - North. Today, he is effectively managing his sales and marketing team as a Manager and is managing the advertising portfolio of various blue-chip business partners from his region.

Syed Zulfiqar-Ul-Haq
GM Sales & Marketing - Islamabad

He started his career as a manager business partner services with an advertising agency more than 14 years ago and provided excellence to the business partners for around nine years. During his stay with reputable agencies like Midas etc. he spearheaded various departments like public relations, marketing as well as business partner services.

In 2002, keeping in view his excellent reputation amongst his business partners and his professional experience he was offered the opportunity to head the marketing and sales team of Media Max Islamabad .Today, it has been over nine years that he is successfully heading his team of dedicated professionals as the GM of Islamabad region and is responsible for all the matters related to the sales and marketing.

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Our Partners

Business Partners

Our strength in television software marketing is well acknowledged by various media channels and advertisers alike as each program is carefully analyzed and presented by the company's marketing team in a manner so as to provide exclusive mileage to the advertisers thus resulting in exclusive placement of the program and bringing the exceptional advertising revenues. Here is what some of the Advertising, Marketing and Brand Gurus of Pakistan have to say about Media Max.

Client Testimonials

Syed Jawaid Iqbal

It has been a great experience working with the Media Max team. In this information age where media clutters lead the advertisers to indecisiveness, professional and real time services of a value-adding communication medium are the distinguishing factors. It is truly an achievement for Media Max for being an embodiment of all these factors. No wonder it stands distinguished and preferred by advertiser across Pakistan.

Wishing luck for its future endeavors.

Syed Jawaid Iqbal
President & CEO

Media Max is not a company; it’s more like a living human being. It is in essence Abdullah Kadwani himself personified. Some one who believes in and practices the art of cultivating relationships and then nurturing them year after year. I have had great experiences working with them in different capacities given the converging nature of our business and have really found their people to be genuine and straight forward and always interest in giving in the best they have got. I really value my relationship with them and wish them all the best for their future.

Shoaib Qureshi
Chief Strategy Officer
Bulls Eye

Ahmed Kapadia

I have always known Abdullah Kadwani as a person of great personal courage and determination. His personality reflects in his company. Under his leadership the company has grown to acquire the reputation of trust and competency in media and corporate sector it enjoys today. I am sure, faced with any quandary in the future Media Max will brave it and continue to evolve repertoire of services.

I wish you luck and success with all your future endeavors.

Ahmed Kapadia
Managing Director
Synergy Group

Jamal Mir

Media Max has made a tremendous contribution to the entertainment industy through its broadcast channel. The quality of programming being offered to the local consumer is comparable to the leading regional channel and its sets a benchmark for the industry to follow. A strong competition is always advantageous to the consumers. I wish them continued success and look forward to strengthening our partnership.

Jamal Mir
Managing Director
Prestige Grey Worldwide

Karim Rammal

We have shared a fantastic relationship with Media Max over the years. The professionalism and dedication to providing value addition to clients is probably amongst the best in the industry.

Karim Rammal
Ex-President & COO
JWT Pakistan

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